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What are the applications of sports tape?

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What are the applications of sports tape?

Sports tape is a kind of non-invasive therapeutic technology which uses elastic adhesive tape to protect musculoskeletal system and promote motor function. At first, it was often used in the prevention and treatment of sports injury. After nearly 40 years of development, has been widely extended to nerve rehabilitation, beauty and other fields. And because of its effectiveness, convenience, does not affect the characteristics of sports, favored, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games athletes from 58 countries to prevent sports injury by the use of intramuscular patch [2]. This technique is relatively late in China, but it is developing rapidly, and it is expected to be a beneficial part of comprehensive sports rehabilitation.

Kinesiology tape has been developed for about 20 years. It is different from the usual sports tape because it has no flexibility and its main function is fixation and protection. Sports muscle patch is flexible, its effect is mainly to use the viscoelastic properties and mechanical direction of adhesive cloth, combined with the principles of kinematics and biomechanics, to give reinforcement or relaxation therapy to specific muscles.

In addition, the stickiness and elasticity of the adhesive cloth and the water ripple shape of the viscose affect the direction of the skin by the density difference of the adhesive cloth, and increase the gap between the skin and the muscle, which in turn affects the flow of the subcutaneous fascia tissue. Let the fascia system have enough permeability and circulation, promote lymphatic and blood circulation, so that our fascia system can help our body remove many of the body's fatigue metabolites, painful products, metabolites left by inflammatory reactions, Internal minor bleeding and so on, while maintaining the free movement of the limbs, to achieve the effect of treatment.

The above is a summary of how sports tape is used in daily life to facilitate our work and life. As a company, our company is also on the road to provide convenience for people, and hopes to bring real help to those in need.


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