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The history of band aid

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Everywhere you can see band aid. In a world full of cuts, scrapes, blisters and bruises it seems hard to imagine life without those little adhesive bandages.

In 1920, band-aids were invented by a clever couple, Earle and Josephine Dickson.

While Earle was a cotton buyer at Johnson & Johnson, Josephine was a young, active housewife who worked tirelessly to keep her home and family running at high speed.As any stay-at-home mom can attest, housework isn't easy.Josephine suffered minor cuts and burns frequently, and she and Earl wrapped gauze and tape around themselves each night to protect themselves.But this mundane and time-consuming task actually illustrates a brilliant idea.

Earle cut a lot of tulle and put it on a strip of tape every once in a while so Josephine could cut a tulle and use it all day.It wasn't long before they realized that others could benefit from the convenient bandage, and Earle quickly told his boss, James Johnson, about their invention.

Shortly thereafter, the first adhesive bandages were produced and sold under what is now the world famous BAND-AID® Brand trademark.

So far, more than one hundred billion band-aid ® brand adhesive bandage.In addition, there are more and more kinds of band-aids, such as liquid band-aids, blue metal band-aids, etc. In order to meet the needs of families and athletes around the world, various brands have developed many bandages, such as adhesive bandages, kinesiology tapes, paper tapes, etc.

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