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Non woven surgical tape transfusion Paper 5cmx9.2m

Non woven surgical tape transfusion Paper 5cmx9.2m
Size: 5cmx9.2m (customizable)

Material: Non-woven cloth (medical cotton paper hot melt adhesive)

Category: medical bandages, (avulable, self-adhesive)

Color classification: White

Packaging: independent packaging

Applicable population: medical staff

Main use: fixation of infusion needle tube and excipient

The basic product information above, we can customize the product according to the customer's demand, size, quantity, etc.


Non woven surgical tape transfusion Paper 5cmx9.2m

This product belongs to medical tape, white, size: 5 cm x 9.2m is generally suitable for surgical fixed dressing, and light catheter, as well as post-operative nursing wound fixation, light catheter, and infusion tube fixation, high waist or other therapeutic dressing fixation.

When using, clean and dry the viscose, tear the tape according to the required length and quantity. This product shall be regarded as a one-time use and shall not be reused,


Good air permeability: special glue coating way, so that cotton is full of micropores, good permeability, can make human skin breathe naturally.

Reduction of allergens:

Selection of soft, comfortable, lightweight medical cotton paper, combined with medical hot melt glue, reduce allergen.

Good adhesion:

Good stickiness, stable adhesion, easy to detach and easy to tear

usage method

matters need attention

1. Non-sterilizing products should be used after sterilization if there is a requirement for sterile use before use.

2, sterilizing method may be used to sterilize ethylene oxide or cobalt 60

3,. This product is only suitable for protective use when tripping and sports, do not stick to trauma.

4, this product is one-time use product, must not be reused; the product inner packaging is damaged, damp, mildew can not be used.

5. The product should be handled in accordance with the requirements of the relevant departments after the use of the product.

Transportation and storage

1, this product should be moisture-proof, fire-proof, anti-pollution, not in contact with toxic and harmful substances.

2 . The product shall be stored in a dry and clean room and kept in room for ventilation and ventilation .

Non woven surgical transfusion tape

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